Oh, this line is…!!! unbelievable!!!”


This reaction from a palm reader became the start of my journey. I am Okatai, multilingual experienced palm reader from Japan. My knowledge includes palm reading, astrology, face reading, numerology, body and face movement. But my final conclusion is heavily based on palm reading. I speak 5 languages. I myself have extremely unique palm lines for both hands. This was the reason why I started learning/practicing palm reading long time ago.


As a palm reader, I have rather interesting educational/ working background abroad (studied in America, worked for a leading software company and big 4 firm etc).


More about my background—

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Never tried palm reading before? My palm reading is not just about “you will live long or something”. It is more than that.


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I have an important principle: My role is to guide people in a better and positive direction.


I am confident in my skills and my clients are happy about it. Please take a look at some examples of what my clients say about reading. They are all authentic people and that is the main point of review.


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Special Column – celebrity/rich people’s hands. Find out the hidden character of famous people!  


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I write about general advice, for example, how to bring luck, what is considered to be good gesture etc. 


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Line changes? When is the best time for analysis? Session time?  Please check Q&A.


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If you are interested in my analysis, you are welcome to contact me.


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