Palm Reader Okatai (Life Coach)

I am a very passionate and unique palm reader from Japan.


My main focus is palm reading, however, my knowledge includes: 

  • Palm Reading
  • Astrology
  • Face Reading
  • Numerology
  • Hand and Body Movement


I combine all of my knowledge for my palm reading analysis (espcially astrology), and I have been making my own research for a long time, developing my own style.


How I became palm reader until now:

“Oh this line is…!!!”

I grew up in Japan. One day, I was asked to show my palm lines to an amateur palm reader on the road. Sure, why not? From curiosity I did, and surprisingly, his reaction was extreme. He said   “oh my god!” “You have this super line and it is for both hands! What a surprise!”   Since I wasn’t totally sure what he was talking about, and I thought maybe this guy could be a bad guy, I decided to leave.   That strange experience was always in my mind. So, on another day, I decided to show my hands to another palm reader. But this time professional one. Then I received rather similar reaction.   “wow you got famous lines for both hands. They are so beautiful!”.   This was the beginning of my palm reading journey. I got fascinated and started learning. I also showed my lines to a lot of palm readers continuously because I enjoyed their reactions. During this process, I also found my master. But later on, I acquired my skill by myself. Since then, I have been making my own research and practice for a long time. 


Life coach:

Through my analysis, you will find many things. But the most important aspect of my session is that you get useful information for your life journey. I try to give as many advices as I can. Therefore, I consider myself, not a simple palm reader, but also a life coach.