Palm Reader Okatai (Life Coach)

I am a very passionate and unique palm reader from Japan.


My main focus is palm reading, however, my knowledge includes: 

  • Palm Reading
  • Astrology
  • Face Reading
  • Numerology
  • Hand and Body Movement


I combine all of my knowledge for my palm reading analysis (espcially astrology), and I have been making my own research for a long time, developing my own style.


As a palm reader, I have rather interesting educational/ working background abroad.


Originally grew up in Japan, I studied in America (USC). I worked for a leading software company in Germany and also worked for a big 4 firm, doing Fiancancial Due Dilligence, Valuation, M&A and Audit. I have been also investing in many companies and commodities for a long time. Language is also my passion, which lead me to be able to work in 4 languages plus on occasion I learn 2 more languages.


It seems as if I were a kind of person who is not interested in the subject, palm reading, but I have been attracted to this mysterious subject for a very long time.


Also as an investor and trader, I have been trying to apply my fortune telling knowledge to my portfolio (financial astrology and such). 


How I became palm reader until now (detailed story):

“Oh this line is…!!!”

I grew up in Japan. One day, I was asked to show my palm lines to an amateur palm reader on the road. Sure, why not? From curiosity I did, and surprisingly, his reaction was extreme. He said   “oh my god!” “You have this super line and it is for both hands! What a surprise!”   Since I wasn’t totally sure what he was talking about, and I thought maybe this guy could be a bad guy, I decided to leave.   That strange experience was always in my mind. So, on another day, I decided to show my hands to another palm reader. But this time professional one. Then I received rather similar reaction.   “wow you got famous lines for both hands. They are so beautiful!”.   This was the beginning of my palm reading journey. I got fascinated and started learning. I also showed my lines to a lot of palm readers continuously because I enjoyed their reactions. During this process, I also found my master. But later on, I acquired my skill by myself.


“Mathematics – statistical side of palm reading”

Even though I was very good and I could make money, I didn’t see myself as eternal palm reader that time. So, I decided to study not spiritual subjects at university -mathematics/economics.   Why mathematics? I was interested in finance world. But another reason is palm reading. Actually palm reading has statistical side too. Statistically speaking, the combination of this line and this line is xxx etc. I was interested in the subject. 


I kept learning palm reading in America too

To be able to work internationally, I went over to America for university.   Even though I was learning something else in America, I kept learning palm reading as well. I was always surrounded by people who wanted to show their hands to me. I was also invited by one of the college professors for palm reading. Some people were already gathering as they already heard about me. It was very good experience. 


work experience other than palm reading – working for management and a big 4

After graduation, to broaden my perspectives, I decided to go to Europe, Germany.   I quickly learned German language and I started working for a leading software company as an assistant of vice chairman. It is very rare experience, young Japanese man working as assistant of management of such a big company.   I have learned how managements operate the company and their efforts to run the businesses. Indeed they worked a lot. I also worked a lot.   Having been influenced by vice-chairman who was a former Partner at one of the big 4 accounting firms, I switched the company to the big 4 accounting firm. There I experienced Transaction Advisory and Audit.   I was mainly related to buy-side activities of Japanese companies purchasing European, especially German companies (financial due diligence, valuation, project management, business development etc) as well as financial audit of Japanese/German companies based in Europe. There I worked a lot as well. 


In the workplace I did not tell anyone that I am a palm reader

During these hard working time, nobody other than my inner circle knew I was a palm reader.   Why didn’t I tell people about this? Maybe I was too busy with my work. Or maybe I thought telling people that I am a palm reader doesn’t make a good effect in my career.   But I think the best answer is I was afraid. Because I was confident in my skills, if I start seeing people’s hands, I was pretty sure many people gather for this. But reading people’s hands requires a lot of energy. It is too much energy consuming for me and I wanted to focus on what I do in my workplace. So I did not reveal my skills.


Retail investor, trader, but I am a palm reader

After I left the firm, I started working as a retail investor. I make fundamental analysis and technical analysis, as well as I apply my fortune telling knowlege to my investment. I also made a small business in eastern Europe. I started working in many fields including columnist etc. And more important, I started spending huge amount of time for palm reading and other fortune telling subjects. Hearing thank you from my clients make me happy and through palm reading, I receive so many thank you messages from my clients. Though I do many things, one thing that will not change is that I am a palm reader. I am eager to pursue this subject and even now I make very much effort to improve my skills.