Quick incompatibility check – Fast fighting sign check

I believe each person is completely different and that is what my reading is about. So ideally you get to know the person very well, without judging from the beginning.


But in a real life we often don’t have enough time to get to know the person well. And you still want to know the compatibility with the person within a second.


Then you should at least know his/her zodiac sign.


Today I summarized the super fast compatibility check – and my focus today is “Not” compatible people, meaning they tend to fight fast.


In the photo below, you search for your sign on the left side and check which sign is “incompatible”. You will find two “incompatible” signs.



The result was concluded from element, modality and aspect point of view.


What does it tell us? For example, after you start dating the person who has incompatible sign, you might fight more and get annoyed often. It is difficult to understand with each other!


Does it apply to you? In my case, one sign seems very accurate and for another sign, it depends on the person.


Please do make a note that this is simply a super fast check. This does not mean you should not date/marry the person who has incompatible sign.


There are still some couples who get along, even if they have incompatible signs. Unless they don’t know each other well enough, this means there are surely other factors that offset this fast analysis.


Enjoy testing!