How do you know your today’s mood? – ideal planet for daily mood

When I was a child, I often watched a news in the morning. Then in the end, there was a small zodiac sign section. They often talked about today’s mood, who is lucky etc.



“A Libra! Your lucky color is blue”. “A Sagittarius! Your mood is relaxed today”. or something like this.


But what are they doing? They are not randomly picking up the mood or?


Unless they are really bullshitting (hope not!), what they do is to check the movement of the “Moon” mostly. In any case, the Moon is the minimum they must check.


Why the Moon? Because the Moon moves very fast, it is an ideal planet for “daily mood”.


Also the Moon rules the emotions. So it is a great planet to find out your emotional stability/instability.


So if analysis is accurately done, actually “today’s mood” section is an interesting section, even though most people forget what they read in this section 🙂


Note: What if today is a full moon? Then obviously it has more meanings. But this will be another topic in the future.