Kim Kardashian Palm Reading – Understanding her Ambition


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Today I would like to talk about Kim Kardashian’s hand. She appears in the television series, Keeping up with the Kardashians. She is a half sister of Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner. She is also famous in social media, just like her half sisters.


Who is Kim Kardashian?

  • Born: Oct 21, 1980
  • Zodiac sign: Libra
  • Media Personality, Influencer etc
  • Having well-known half-sisters: Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner
  • Also famous in social media, just like her half-sisters


Kim Kardashian’s personality, according to her palm  

Now I take a look.

In my reading, I focus on the instinct message I receive from hands and lines. Energy, hand balance (which is most important), and each feature are equally important. I also check the birthday and it’s relation to palm lines.


Mini notebook

・ Difference between half-sisters: Kylie, Kendall

・ Full of ambition

・ Tough, powerful


She got strong and long major lines as well as strong fingers. She has little bit unique forefinger and middle finger. Hand is little imbalanced with some interesting combinations of signs, especially clear combinations of ambition identified.


Interesting hand. It is different from her half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall.


According to Kim Kardashian’s hands, she is very ambitious. This is the big difference with her half-sisters, Kylie and Kendall. She wants to be in the spotlight.

Basically she got a lot of energy and power to work and to live. She enjoys her sexual life as well.


Now here is an interesting part: Compared to Kylie (refer to the post in the past) and Kendall (comes in the future), Kim Kardashian got very huge ambition. This does not mean Kylie and Kendall have no ambition. The do have it. It is just Kim’s ambition is much bigger and it is the core energy driver for her. 


And what is even more interesting is that she would really do many things to achieve her ambition. Also, she enjoys to be in the spotlight. She does not want to be in the backstage.


So what will happen in the future is that she will surprise you with her ambition. She already surprised you? Well, she will do it again. That’s her. For example, she might say I want to become xxx (let’s say, politician?! as an example) and people surely get surprised. I imagine this will happen for sure.


By the way, until around end of 2022, it is not the best of the best moment for her in her life. Therefore it is suggested for her to be a little bit conservative. 


Therefore, if you are her fan, please take care of her with your kind heart, no matter what kind of surprise she gives you.



Kim Kardashian is tough and keeps going. But make sure she does not lose her real purpose and her goal.

As I said she will surprise people but not everybody takes it positively. This might  cause some issues, if the problem gets larger. But she is powerful and tough, so even if she is complained, she would overcome this somehow. 


The bigger issue for her is probably not effect from others, but herself. While she keeps going, she might get confused and asks herself, why she is doing it. She loses the real purpose and her goal. This confusion would have more effects mentally. 


Therefore, it is very important for her to keep in mind, why she is doing it. She needs to share the details with people so that they can remind her of “why she has started this”. Then she can calm down, come back to the right direction and think about the further process. 


I’m excited to see the development of Kim Kardashian’s hand.