Does the line change?

Absolutely. I also got new lines and it is always exciting to see the change.



I am very interested in your palm reading, but I have never done palm reading before. I am a little bit afraid to hear something bad. What do you think?

First of all, if you have never tried palm raeding, please check this article. My palm reading is not just “you will live long or short”. It is more than that. 


No need to be afraid. My palm reading is useful to know yourself and your state more. My important principle is to guide you in a better and positive direction. Even if it is a little bit improvement, it is good for you.


No matter what kind of lines you have, you have a chance to get to know yourself more and confirm your life path. You can get motivated and start making good actions. As you can see reviews, my clients enjoy my reading very much. 



Is Palm Reading Accurate?

My clients say my reading is accurate. Palm reading is both an art and science and it is never easy, but I am confident in my skill and experience. When correctly interpreted, it gives us so many useful information.


Notice that my knowledge goes beyond hands, that is, I interpret your zodiac sign, blood type, your body & hand movement etc. But my end conclusion is based on the hands because the hands give me the most useful information above all. Each person has different hands and that is also why I find hand analysis more accurate.



What kind of Advice do you cover? 

I am a palm reader, but more importantly, I am also a coach and advisor.

My favorite type of advice includes:

  • Life in general Advice
  • Love, relationship Advice
  • Career Advice
  • Business Decision Advice
  • Interpersonal Relationship Advice
  • General Condition Advice
  • Positive Thinking Advice
  • Luck Advice
  • Better life advice


Each person needs different advice, so we will see what area to focus etc during the session.



First timer: When is the best time for your palm reading analysis?

The best answer is when you want/need. But of course the earlier, the better because you can start changing earlier.



For repeater: When is the best time to come back for your palm reading analysis?

I normally suggest: 

  • Before you make a big decision
  • When you have concerns
  • When you want to get motivated


Your lines are changing day by day. You do not have to come back every day, but checking your hands once in a while is strongly suggested. Especially it is great timing to meet before making a decision to get another point of view. You also get motivated by doing analysis with me because you will confirm your strength. 



How long is one analysis session for your palm reading?


45 minutes




60 minutes-


It is detail session and people get always excited to know themselves, so always make enough time, sit and discuss. “If” you have very complicated lines, more time might be needed. In either way, my session is detail and exciting. 



How much is one analysis session?

Current fair price is offered, depending on the situation. Please do not hesitate to ask. Also if you live far away, paypal credit card payment is possible. 



What kind of photos should I send you for palm reading?

Since I am super picky about photos, I will send you detailed instruction. Good photos are required. 



I am interested in your palm reading, but I have very high position at work and I do not want my colleagues to know that I consult with a palm reader. What do you think?

Nothing to be ashamed of. Palm reading is also an entertainment area. You can tell people it was fun and entertaining.


Or maybe you simply want to keep it secret. This is also your choice. I  have also tons of hidden clients who are like this so it really depends on your personality and situation. 


In either way, nobody does not have to know the contents of our discussion. Your personality, thought, concern, past and future are all yours and yours only.


Also please make a note that I have interesting educational and working background as a palm reader. This surely helps to understand you better.