Okatai Luck Advise – how to choose right earrings for better luck

I would like to talk about how to choose earrings for better luck today. 


Since you wear something on your ears, this can affect you, so I give you a little advice. If you are a man, you might consider this when you give your girl a present.



Types of earrings and luck

For earrings, there are two types of designs.

  1. Stud earrings
  2. dangle earrings = the one that swing


Which one choose?


Then my recommendation is dangle earrings which are the one that swing. For the purpose to bring more money, then dangle earrings are better.



Stud earrings are more for saving up money than bringing money. 


Dangle earrings strengthen your ears. They swing and wind brings luck too


What if you hate dangle earrings? Then you can have longer hairs instead and your hairs will swing.



Clip-on earrings VS ears pierced

In general, clip-on earrings are more recommended because you just wear and that’s it. When you pierce your ear, you give stress to your body, so this might have effect to your life.


But what if you already have your ears pierced? Then don’t mind and read other advice I write here.



Color of earrings and luck

So which color shall you choose?


First consideration is:

1 Your lucky color


2 Your favorite color


If you love pink, wear pink. If your lucky color of the month is silver, wear silver. If you feel like green makes you pretty, then wear green. 


Second consideration is:

1 If you have light skin, silver color would be nice

2 If you have darker skin, gold color would be nice


Third consideration is:

1 Gold



Most important rule to choose earrings for happiness:

Most important rule: You choose your favorite color and design for your earrings, depending on your mood.


Ultimately earrings are your fashion item, so as long as you can enjoy yourself, everything is fine


In my opinion, self-happiness is more important than any advice.


I hope this article helps you.