Rihanna palm reading – From Top Singer to Successful Businesswoman: Keep your eye on Fenty Beauty.

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Today I would like to talk about Rihanna’s hand. She is a successful singer and businesswoman. This time, I would like to focus on her business. It was very interesting to know her. 


Basic data – Rihanna

  • Born: February 20, 1988
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Singer, businessman
  • Famous songs: “Love the Way You Lie”, “Diamonds”, “Disburbia”, “Umbrella” and many more
  • World Richest Female Musician (Forbes, 2019)


According to Rihanna’s palm, she is passionate and she has been increasing her luck

Now I take a look.

In my reading, I focus on the instinct message I receive from hands and lines. Energy, hand balance (which is most important), and each feature are equally important. I also check the birthday and it’s relation to palm lines.


Mini notebook

・ Major lines are strong and long

・ Increasing luck

・ Successful field: beauty and art business

・ Many lucky signs

・ She is passionate and this passion won’t disappear soon

It is super hand. The most distinctive feature is that the major lines are strong and long. In addition, there are so many lucky signs on the entire hand. She is a very passionate person and has great luck.

What’s interesting is that this luck seems to be growing year after year. Especially, compared to the past, her luck and power have been increasing. She makes effort too, so it is great.

In my opinion, she does something extra to increase luck. The word “ritual” may be weird, but there are something that brings her luck. I’m not sure if it’s going to work for everyone, but it’s worth to hear what she does and write it down. 


Rihanna is successful as a singer and as a businessman, leading her to become richest female artist. According to her palm, she should focus on beauty and art field in business.  Launching Fenty beauty was the first step towards big success.

Rihanna is famous as a singer, but now she is also a businesswoman.


She has launched a cosmetics brand called Fenty beauty and this is very popular so far. As a result, she was selected as the richest female artist in history (Forbes, 2019).

She got lucky sign in the business field in beauty and art. Launching Fenty Beauty was completely right thing to do. I imagine her big success. And her luck increased even more. 

She is passionate about Fenty Beauty too. and she got business luck in the field. Then it is clear sign of success. 


What does it mean? For those who are in the cosmetics industry should continue to pay attention to what she does with Fenty Beauty. 

And in terms of business expansion in the future, it is good to continue to focus on beauty and art-related fields, such as cosmetics. Because this is the lucky business area she got. It is better to focus on Fenty beauty, rather than going in a different direction that is not related. Then, she can for example set up a new brand and lineup and expand, but stays in the field. 

She is already successful, but I can imagine another success story when she becomes older. Of course there are good time and bad time, but later years would be even more interesting. 

I look forward to seeing Rihanna not only as a singer but also as a businesswoman.