Palm Reading – have you never tried it before?

In my country (Japan), palm reading has its own fame as a fortune telling. People are open to talk about it and enjoy it very much.


In some countries, however, the situation is more complicated. Even though some countries have long and rich history of fortune telling, people are sometimes rather afraid and hesitate to try it.


I have also a lot of clients who never tried palm reading before. Maybe for some people the image of “witch” is too strong and some might think like it is better not spend money than being deceived.



Palm Reading by Okatai is more than “you will live long or something”

In my opinion, those people are over afraid. For example, my palm reading is not just about “what could happen in the future.” I mean, I will not just tell you, “oh you will live long/short”. “Your relationship is in danger” or something. That’s not my reading about. 


In my palm reading, we are going to talk about your personality very carefully. Also your past and present mentality and condition. Then based on all of these, what you can do to make your life better or what you can do to avoid something. I am not only a palm reader, but also a coach and adviser.



you will discover yourself more through palm reading by okatai

Each person has different palm lines. For me, each line has meanings and reading lines mean reading the balance of whole lines.


Through my reading, you will know yourself better. You will discover your strength and weakness. You will know what you can do to make your life even more meaningful.



Who is an authentic fortune teller? Searching and selecting is your choice. 

Of course there are “not authentic” fortune tellers outside who is not good for you. For this reason, it is your job and responsibility to search for trustable people.


How about me? Please do check reviews from my clients. All of them are authentic people. People enjoy my readings and advice.


Do not be over afraid too much. People enjoy it very much!