pointing finger — No benefit for you. In some countries it is considered to be insult.

Me as a palm reader, I am used to pay attention not only to hands themselves, but also to the movements of hands.


I would like to mention “pointing finger” as this is important.



Are you used to point your finger?

Recently I was in the park. I was looking around and I found a person who often points the finger. 


This did not involve any “anger”, so it was not hostile pointing. But the person was just used to it without having any meaning.



In some countries, pointing finger is insult

Generally, pointing finger is considered to be “rude” worldwide. And this action really does not give you any benefit.


In some countries, this can be considered to be insult. Sometimes, people don’t even point the finger when asked direction as well.


So next time “if” you recognize you are pointing your finger to the person you talk to, then immediately hand down.


Again, this habit does not give you any benefit, even if you have no intention to be rude. So it is suggested to change this habit!


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