Brad Pitt palm reading – His Love Life and His Personality

Today I would like to talk about Brad Pitt’s hand. Also let’s cover his love life. 


Who is Brad Pitt?

  • Born: Dec 18, 1963
  • Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
  • Actor
  • Well-known movies: “Moneyball”, “Ocean’s” series, “Seven”, “Fight Club”, and more
  • Multiple awards winner. Former wife: First wife as Jennifer Aniston and Second wife as Angelina Jolie.


Brad Pitt’s personality, according to his palm

Now I take a look.

In my reading, I focus on the instinct message I receive from hands and lines. Energy, hand balance (which is most important), and each feature are equally important. I also check the birthday and it’s relation to palm lines.


Mini notebook

・ Humanitarian Heart

・ His other characteristics

・ His love toward Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie

・ Brad Pitt’s future love


In general he has strong major lines, but his heart line is a little bit unique and also his fate line does not stand out compared to other major lines. He has a square hand and finger and larger influence from venus. Throughout his hand, some signs related to support and change are identified. 


According to Brad Pitt’s hand, he has humanitarian heart like Angelina Jolie

Now when I look at his hand, the first image I get is that he is a really kind-hearted man who helps the weak. Honestly I was not expecting this as first impression. Why?


Because I knew Angelina Jolie is a humanitarian even before I did analysis. So I always thought Angelina Jolie is the humanitarian one and as her former husband, he was also participating it


But actually what was happening was that as far as I see Brad Pitt’s hand, he has humanitarian heart too and he actually really enjoys helping people who have problems.


I have respect toward him in this aspect. He is a really good man. And his supportive mind comes from his heart. So it is not superficial one. 



Brad Pitt’s other characteristics

He is a realistic man who knows what he can do and what he can not do. He is also actually very modest. So he does not show how good he is, when it is not neccesary. 


He gets bored easily. For this reason, he needs change sometimes. This is applied to his girls around him as well. He likes women and he needs change sometimes (see below, his future love). 



According to Brad Pitt’s hand, his love toward Jennifer Aniston was very serious, but his love toward Angelina Jolie was even more serious. 

As far as I see, love with Jennifer Aniston was very serious for him (From Jennifer Aniston’s point of view, check also my analysis about Jennifer Aniston). 


But meeting with Angeliena Jolie was also his destiny and his love toward Angeliena Jolie was even more than his love toward Jennifer Aniston


How he got attracted to Angelina Jolie will be written in the Angelina Jolie Analysis in the future. 


Now unfortunately their marriage didn’t work out but their love was real that time.



Brad Pitt’s future love: Will he meet his soul mate? He will date several girls and he will have relationship. But more influential girl than his two ex wives? 

He will date girls. Not only one, but more. He likes women. You will probably hear his new girlfriend is xxx etc. 


But will someone more influential for his life than Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie appear? I do not think so. Because they are his two soulmates


But this does not mean he won’t have relationship. He will. It is just most likely that he won’t be able to love the person as much as he did for Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie. 


So, how far he wants to go with his new lover is up to him, but no matter how far the relationship goes, it will not reach to the same level like two previous marriage partners. 


I think it would be good if Jennifer Aniston can advise him about love. They are compatible as friends.


This is my current result. I am open to see the change in the future, if there will be any big development going on. 


And I am looking forward to seeing Brad Pitt’s acting in the future more.