[Youngest billiionaire] Kylie Jenner palm reading – excellent fashion sense for sure

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Let’s start “rich and celebrities’s palm” series. I will make a comment. The first celebrity I would like to choose is Kylie Jenner, requested by one of my clients.


Kylie Jenner is the youngest billionaire in history

Kylie Jenner. Who is she? In a nutshell, Kylie Jenner is a billionaire. Not just that. She is the youngest billionaire in history.


She was born in 1997 and her net worth is estimated at 1 billion dollars. She is a member of famous Kardashian family. She is a model and she started her own cosmetic brand. She is also an influencer on SNS


Kylie Jenner’s palm is beautiful. She has delicate hands and excellent fashion sense. It is no wonder why her cosmetics brand got popular.

Now, I’d like to make a comment about Kylie Jenner’s palm.

In my reading, I focus on the instinct message I receive from hands and lines, energy, hand balance (which is most important), and each feature.


It is a little bit difficult to explain about the instinct message I receive and balance of hands and lines. You can probably catch those senses by looking at numerous hands. In my smart phone, you see mostly hands only. Anyway, I make some notes for the later discussion. 


Okatai note

・ Delicate hands

・ Large influence from Jupiter, Saturn, Neputune as a whole

・ Shape of the fingertips, especially index finger and little finger


She has very delicate hands and beautifully shaped. They have aesthetic balance and she is good at imagination.

→ No wonder how her cosmetics brand got popular

Though I don’t use them, I can say her cosmetics should be very good, including design. 


Influence of Kardashian family should be extremely big and this helped her to be billionaire for sure. She should not forget to thank the family. 

There is always some controversy whether or not she became billionaire by her own effort only. In my opinion, big support of her family existed and thanks to this, she achieved her position


Basically she can be very emotional and sometimes not rational (sorry kylie!). It’s not business business type of hands. There should always be someone who advises her and clearly it must be Kardashian family (her famous family is known in America because of their reality show “Keeping up with the Kardashian”). Family supported her financially  and gave her business advise. She’s the youngest billionaire, but she should not forget to thank these advisors.


However, as I said above, in my opinion, her sense of design as well as cosmetics branding are genuine. So the success must be combination of family support and her own idea


She is perhaps more spiritual than we think. Maybe she is interested in fortune telling too, but it does not mean she speaks out these things in public

As an instinct message, she is probably a spiritual person and it is more than we think. Probably she is interested in fortune telling or related subject too. However, it does not mean she speaks out these in public. Overall, people don’t have to tell everything about their hobbies and interest to others. Probably her fashion sense is related to this spirituality somehow. 


She has big ego, and better avoid relationships and financial troubles

From the overall balance, I think her ego is strong. Also, considering that it is also affected by Jupiter, it is advised that she should avoid trouble in relationships. Also, she is already a billionaire, but even so, she might face some financial troubles.


To avoid them, she needs to have generous heart. She is still young, so let’s hope she learns them. It is advised that she trains in the early stage.


I am excited to see her development in the future.